Opinion Line (June 24)

06/24/2014 12:00 AM

06/23/2014 5:29 PM

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It’s almost comical that we would send 300 “advisers” to Iraq. To advise them about what? We can’t even get our own house in order, but we’re going to go tell them what to do?

“The computer ate my e-mails!” This is the unapologetic (and ridiculous) explanation offered by the arrogant IRS honchos to the congressional investigation committee. Now watch another administration scandal die a slow death.

A Hillary Clinton-Michelle Obama ticket? Don’t laugh – it’s in our future.

Just what this country doesn’t need – a representative from California as majority leader in the House.

If Mike Pompeo created aircraft jobs, did he also create aircraft layoffs? Maybe market forces were respon-sible for both, and Pompeo is responsible for neither.

Of course Todd Tiahrt advocated for the NSA and Patriot Act. Those are perfectly excellent tools for the Republicans, but they are not to be in the hands of Democrats.

I was called on the Tiahrt-Pompeo poll. They needed to add another choice: Tiahrt, Pompeo, undecided or none of the above.

I’d like to vote a straight anti-incumbent ticket this year. But in the 4th Congressional District primary, they’re both incumbents.

Wichita not being in Rep. Tim Huelskamp’s district is immaterial. The VA is federal – everyone’s district. Bringing the camera crew and sound equipment to the Wichita VA put a screeching halt to any “I didn’t say that,” “I was misquoted,” etc.

Maybe the state could rent firearms to those out-of-state visitors who want to carry a gun into the Capitol. Charge by the caliber per hour. Revenues can fund purchase of more prairie chickens.

The first time some disturbed terrorist wannabe sets off on a one-man shooting spree in a state Capitol, a lot of legislators will change their views of gun control.

How about some healthy local food places at the new airport terminal? Will Wichita be known as the junk food capital?

Ballet Wichita’s 5K Art Run is a tradition that unites the art community in Wichita. Thank you to the athletes and other supporters who participate in a cause that enables dancers to pursue their dreams. When everyone works together, great things happen.

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