Opinion Line Extra (June 23)

06/20/2014 7:49 PM

06/20/2014 7:49 PM

Barack Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time. My heartfelt apologies go to both the free world and struggling Third World governments.

The American people, through their military, gave the people of Iraq a chance at a decent society. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the Maliki government squandered it.

There are 5,300 U.S. government employees at the Baghdad embassy? Why?

At this point in history, Dick Cheney has no credibility. None.

The amazing thing about Barack Obama is that even in the face of near superhuman efforts by Mitch McConnell and his fellow bigoted Republicans to destroy both the man and his presidency, it’s now clear the greatness of both will be undeniable.

So “corruption has taken over the hearts and minds of the Democrats”? Republicans originated, defined and perfected the practice of corruption decades ago. Let’s see, wasn’t there an incident called the Watergate and Nixon scandal?

Rep. Mike Pompeo can get Lois Lerner’s and all missing IRS e-mails from the NSA. They have everything recorded.

The IRS with the Lois Lerner e-mails, like Nixon’s Watergate, may find out that the cover-up is worse than the original crime.

What a joke. Congress investigates the crooks ripping off Americans in housing and Wall Street, etc., and nobody ever goes to jail. It really does not make a difference, as Hillary Clinton said.

We have to wonder if the simpleminded people who think government is and should be all things to all people noticed that the government isn’t even capable of handling anthrax safely.

Tuition and health care costs rise rapidly because a third-party payer makes consumers unaware and not having an influence. An abundant supply of money to pay makes prices rise. Consumers in the driver’s seat will counter this. Duh.

So Rep. Jim Howell is not worried about the guys with concealed-carry permits in public buildings, but only the ones who aren’t licensed and have a “sinister intent”? What guarantees that those with a permit do not also have the same intent? Get real.

The left is out harping about the one person with concealed-carry in Nevada who was murdered. Nothing about the thousands of other murdered persons last year who had no chance at all because they weren’t concealed-carry.

Todd Tiahrt is really desperate. He is just throwing trash and hoping something sticks. That’s not how a Kansan acts. Really disappointing. I’m voting for Mike Pompeo in default.

If the Oklahoma tourist department wants people believe the state is a bunch of hicks, then its ad does a good job.

Why have speed signs? Drivers ignore them and police don’t enforce them.

Soccer rates right in there with NASCAR and paint drying.

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