Opinion Line (June 23)

06/23/2014 12:00 AM

06/20/2014 6:00 PM

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I suppose it’s possible the farsighted Founding Fathers anticipated the need for men (not slaves, Native Americans or women) to have the right to carry fully automatic flintlock weapons.

You anti-gunners realize, don’t you, that any law banning or restricting guns only applies to those who obey the law? The lawbreakers always keep their guns to prey on the defenseless. So, yes, I am certainly safer with more guns.

If Kansas would just repeal all regulations holding businesses accountable for their actions concerning the environment, wages, employee rights and the like, businesses will flock to Kansas. Who needs clean air and water? A penny an hour is sufficient pay in the eyes of greedy business executives.

I see the U.S. Patent Office has pulled the trademark for “Redskins” because they say it’s offensive. I think they should pull the trademark for “Democrats,” which is far more offensive.

So the U.S. Patent Office canceled the trademark for the Redskins. Does this mean we have to demolish the 13th Street bridge over the Little Arkansas River?

Why is it you hear so much whining about the Koch brothers but never hear the same complaints about Warren Buffett and George Soros, who give millions to the Democrats? Oh, that’s right – because they are Democrats.

I guess Dick Cheney’s heart problems affected his brain. He seems to forget why we were in Iraq (Bush) and who made the plans to get out (Bush). Now it is all Obama’s fault. Give me a break.

Saying “crony capitalism” is like saying “evil dictator.” Are there benevolent ones?

The pastors who are slamming voter ID laws would do better to review their theology, and double down on requirements set down in the New Testament.

The way the animals at Cowtown are treated is a travesty. Who wants to pay money to see animals standing in their own filth with flies everywhere and no food in the bins? I will not be going back.

It seems that all tattoos eventually lose their various colors and turn dark blue. They remind me of the blue stamp you used to see on USDA-approved meat from the supermarket.

You over-40 guys who jog with your shirt off: Do us all a favor and keep your shirt on. You overweight ladies who are trying to lose weight: Good for you, but please don’t wear anything that expands. It’s not a good look.

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