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June 21, 2014

Opinion Line (June 21)

I predict that with the president’s poll numbers tanking there will be more giveaways by the government, buying support.

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I predict that with the president’s poll numbers tanking there will be more giveaways by the government, buying support.

The “Hard Choices” in Hillary Clinton’s book seem to be what lie to tell today. She changes her story more often than she changes her polyester pantsuits.

GOP: “We hate government with a passion! Vote for us and we’ll destroy it!” Looks like they’re doing a good job of that at least.

I see the liberals won’t be satisfied until they do away with the Washington Redskins team name and logo. Just try that with the Wichita High School North students and alumni. You will be not only unwelcome, but crucified as well. Bottom line: Shut up.

The tax plan is the pipe dream of a sadly out-of-touch governor who insists the state has plenty of money. If so, why have my property taxes gone up $400 in the past year? Why are we moving money from transportation to the general fund? Why are we borrowing money?

Mark my words – a year from now Gov. Sam Brownback will be proposing selling state buildings and the turnpike as a way to pay for the deficits.

“We the people” have the power to vote for political representatives committed to making changes in our government. All politicians must have term limits, and no special retirement and health insurance benefits. And put an end to corporate contributions.

There will always be bigots. But, fortunately, the reactionary wing of Christendom that condemns gays is generational and will eventually die off. We no longer burn witches at the stake.

I have gay friends whom I love dearly. However, I cannot deny that God wiped a couple of towns off the map because He disapproved of sodomy. Look up the definition of “sodomy” in the dictionary.

Religion has always been a vanguard against culturally pernicious behavior. Homosexuality, like many types of culturally destructive behavior, has always been with us, understood and accepted as part of life. It is the sanctioning of it that will be our undoing.

I am tired of women complaining of being a “single mom” and expecting everyone to feel sorry for them. If you are a widow, you have my sympathy. Otherwise, you are most likely a victim of your own bad decisions.

Has anyone else noticed that the greater the value of the rims above the value of the car that they are mounted on, the more likely one wheel is missing?

The world would be a much better place if people were more like dogs.

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