Opinion Line (June 19)

06/19/2014 12:00 AM

06/18/2014 7:29 PM

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It is great to watch the terrorists drive our tax dollars around in Iraq. Looks just like the fall of South Vietnam. Billions and billions of dollars wasted on equipment.

If the Pentagon needs assistance naming its upcoming Iraqi invasion, may I suggest Operation Deja Vu All Over Again?

I hope our president and our politicians stay out of Iraq and Afghanistan and quit killing our people and wasting our resources. They are nothing but black holes sucking up our energy. They are religious wars. Please stay out of them.

When Rep. Tim Huelskamp visited the Wichita VA, which isn’t in his district, he brought a camera crew. He is what is wrong with Washington. We need real conservative leaders who care about the people and the movement instead of just their own careers.

The political party system has become so dysfunctional that it’s time we abolish it. We should list only the candidates’ names on the ballot. Voters would then have to engage the process to choose the best candidate. Once in office, representatives would be forced to support ideas, not political parties.

It’s just a matter of time until marijuana will be legal nationally. Our local, state and federal governments should start storing what they now confiscate and destroy, so that when it’s legalized it can be sold to pay for streets, sewers, bridges, etc.

The gun-obsessed always claim they will protect themselves and others if they can carry their guns everywhere. Yet in Las Vegas the armed civilian got himself killed while the young man in Washington state took the shooter down with pepper spray.

I wonder how strongly the NRA members would back up a group of minority young men who appeared visibly armed in a local restaurant or other public place.

Driving a car is a privilege, and therefore requires a license. Gun ownership is a right.

How about dismantling the Joyland roller coaster and selling each board with either a commemorative plaque affixed or “Joyland Roller Coaster – Wichita, KS" branded on it? Restaurants, bars, and Joyland fans would want them.

About regret that Tony Bennett performed in Salina and not Wichita: Tony Bennett has been to Wichita, but not to perform. He came three times to visit his cousins, who have lived in Wichita since 1956. I’m one of them. We were all from Astoria and Corona in Queens Borough, New York.

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