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June 17, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (June 17)

If you don’t wear a seat belt because it put wrinkles in your clothes, just remember that wrinkles are easier to remove than blood.

If you don’t wear a seat belt because it put wrinkles in your clothes, just remember that wrinkles are easier to remove than blood.

Anyone who provides service to patients in a hospital should be an employee of the hospital. Why are emergency room doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and office staff members not employees of hospitals?

Stop whining about voter ID laws. Instead, take busloads of people to go get the proper identification. If they want to vote they find a way to the polls, so find a way to get some ID. Simple, isn’t it?

In the recent Pat Roberts ad, the young Marine suggests that Roberts is defending the Constitution by opposing the ACA. How is the ACA unconstitutional?

By continuing to sign executive orders on such important things as student loans, Obama is circumventing Congress and our constitutional system. It equates to the United States having a dictatorship. Wake up, America.

Old conservative philosophy: Everyone should take responsibility for their actions. New conservative philosophy: Blame Obama.

President Obama sets up so many straw men to defeat that “The Wizard of Oz” has to be his favorite movie.

This insurgent army moving through Iraq would not be doing this if our president had shown any strength of leadership. He’s more interested in inviting illegals to cross our border by the busload.

Iraq is on the verge of collapse and of becoming an Islamic state. Obama is partially responsible for this result because he didn’t agree to leave American troops in Iraq three years ago.

I recently watched the movie “Lone Survivor.” We have guys willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, only to have their boss show his arrogance and disrespect by letting terrorists go back to the Taliban. This guy is unbelievable.

Regardless of politics or beliefs, would you not want your son or daughter to be returned home, whatever their actions? Had Obama not made the decision he did on Bowe Bergdahl, there would be a public outcry from those who hate the day he was born.

Sometimes I like to wonder what would have been had Al Gore become president in 2000.

I bet a lot of the kids are on some kind of mind-altering anti-psychotic drug when they go and kill people.

Can anyone tell me why it would take 16 weeks for a tax return refund? My electronic program said the state was not accepting its electronic filings, and I would have to print and mail it to Topeka. I mailed it in mid-March. If I’m lucky, I’ll get my refund in mid-July.

I filed my tax returns on April 14 and opted for direct deposit to my bank account. I received my Kansas refund on April 23. Thanks, Gov. Brownback.

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