Opinion Line (June 17)

06/17/2014 12:00 AM

06/16/2014 7:23 PM

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Now Iraq is dissolving back to its historical state, and 30,000 injured service members are flooding the VA. If cooler heads had prevailed in 2003, we wouldn’t have either crisis. Decisions made in anger are often wrong.

Who cares what happens in Iraq? The racism and religious persecution have gone on for centuries and will continue as long as there is religion in the world.

The radical Islamist army ISIL is disarming those it does not murder. Hitler and Mussolini did the same thing. What is it about fascists that they want to disarm everyone?

Some people think America will be safer with more guns. Some think we will be safer with fewer guns. We’ve tried it now for all these years with more guns. How’s that working out for us?

When any of the five Taliban released from Gitmo again embrace terrorism, I do hope that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will take decisive action and unfriend them.

I’m still waiting for my garbage rates to go down. Years after local government promised to do something, and then it did something, my rates have done nothing but go up.

It is a public humiliation and shame on the community for Joyland to be dismantled. A small portion of the money that was wasted on the arena downtown would have been put to far better use refurbishing and maintaining Joyland.

I understand that Exploration Place is the reason we closed the children’s museum. But could we please build a new children’s museum that caters to babies and toddlers? Exploration Place just doesn’t cut it for little children.

If it says “re-elect” or “incumbent,” I’m not voting for them. We need term limits – two terms only – and make it so the corporations can’t buy the vote. Let’s make elections funded by the taxpayers, and only give the candidate limited funds.

People in Kansas don’t need to fear earthquakes any more than people in California fear tornadoes.

It makes more sense for freeway drivers, who can see the cars entering, to yield for them. The person entering has to look over his shoulder or backward in the rearview mirror, and risks running into a driver too timid to speed up and merge.

Do your family a favor and at least buy enough life insurance to take care of a funeral. I just lost my dad, and I don’t know how we’ll take care of his final arrangements.

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