Opinion Line (June 15)

06/15/2014 12:00 AM

06/15/2014 6:46 AM

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So a three-judge panel considers $1.7 million more to a district as large as Wichita to be “equitable”? Hardly. The $11 million in tax relief, which will be a few more bucks a month for most folks, should have gone to USD 259. Shame on the judges and Legislature.

The world has always had the crazies and the chronically angry. Now they get to have a loaded gun on the front seat of their car. As the country slides completely off the rails, let’s give a big “thank you” to our zany lawmakers and the guys and gals of the NRA.

How fortunate we are to have Gov. Sam Brownback on our side to protect our God-given liberties. In too many places around the USA, we see politicians growing government and limiting liberties. If the anti-gun nuts had their way, they would take away every one of our weapons.

If Wichita leaders want to create jobs and fill the city and county coffers with cash, they should eliminate sales tax entirely. Lowering or eliminating taxes makes the economy boom. Just ask Brownback and his buddy Arthur Laffer.

I will be delighted to vote for an increase in sales tax just as soon as sales tax is removed from groceries. It is expensive enough for those with lower incomes to purchase quality food.

If the mayor and City Council would drop the $90 million for job development, I would vote “yes.” The other three items are great.

Wichita keeps getting rain, yet I see businesses and neighbors still running their sprinklers. Forget rebates – the city should make rain sensors mandatory. Come on, folks – they start at about $20.

Raise the conservation level at Cheney Reservoir. Hold more water instead of flushing it.

Yup, the tea party is dead and everyone loves Barack Obama and the status quo in Washington. Just ask Eric Cantor.

Now is the time to vote “no” on all officeholders.

Why isn’t protecting our borders a priority of our current president?

A political ad that focuses on how much you fight liberals, Obama and Obamacare is like a resume that doesn’t list your qualifications to work for me but lists how many ways you really hate my competitor.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp should resign from the House Veterans Affairs Committee. He could have been on top of the VA waiting lists if he weren’t spending so much time harassing and fighting Obama.

Notice the solution to the problems in socialized, government-run medicine at the VA is a voucher program for treatment in the free-market, for-profit health care system.

You know old age has set in when the local station breaks in to report a rain shower in western Kansas as the Final Jeopardy answer is read and you don’t have anything in reach to throw at the TV but your dentures.

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