Opinion Line Extra (June 16)

06/16/2014 12:00 AM

06/16/2014 6:23 AM

It is long past time to militarize our southern border and take necessary actions. Our gutless politicians will not do what is necessary to save the USA.

I wonder if Harry Reid will criticize the Koch brothers for not showing up at poor white high schools and flashing scholarship money.

I use my mute button more on Obama than commercials.

Another day, another Obama scandal.

Our president is trying to buy the votes of the college-debt-laden community by placing their financial decisions on the back of the lower and middle classes.

Republican legislators are trying to blame Obama for the VA mess. But you know that they all received calls from veterans complaining that the system was broken, and they did nothing to try to fix the problem except to say how much they love the vets.

So many of the younger generation say not to give seniors benefits. Did they read about D-Day and who saved the U.S., along with some of the European countries? If anyone deserves to be taken care of, it is the seniors.

Should it be a surprise that Gov. Sam Brownback will base his re-election campaign against the policies of President Obama rather than on his policies for Kansas?

Our Founding Fathers protected our freedom of religion. However, they would be saddened to see government representatives being so egotistically pious they would use their religious beliefs to justify the denial of other rights to those who have differing views.

You might like your news “fair and balanced,” but I prefer mine “thorough and accurate.”

Thank you, Leonard Pitts, for stating the frighteningly obvious (“NRA backtracks from making sense,” June 9 Opinion). The NRA is a greedy machine supporting ongoing destruction. It unashamedly manipulates the truth of our American history to support distribution of weapons to a public that meekly lets the NRA tell it what to do.

The most difficult part of starting a new workweek here is wading through the babble of Pitts’ weekly commentary.

Reading Pitts’ commentaries always makes me want to throw up, at least a little. But I read them to keep abreast of what the socialistic, anti-constitutional, 50.6 percent of the country that elected Obama is thinking.

When those charged with enforcing the law choose to break it instead, they should be subjected to the stiffest of penalties instead of getting a slap on the hand, as is usual.

Why doesn’t the Wichita Police Department station officers at intersections to catch all the people running red lights?

I wonder if O.J. Simpson is sitting in jail reflecting on what he did 20 years ago.

If a woman can’t open her own door, dump her. She won’t do any housework either. I just divorced one.

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