Opinion Line (June 16)

06/16/2014 12:00 AM

06/16/2014 6:23 AM

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Skilled workers looking for jobs seem to be discriminated against by employers because of their age or past wages. People need jobs to keep this economy going, people.

Come on, Cessna – “Sovereign+”? Why not just make the jump up to “Potentate”?

So an analyst thinks it would be a “win-win-win” for Spirit AeroSystems to outsource fabrication operations. Maybe for everyone but the workers who will lose their jobs or have their wages cut, like in 2005 when Boeing Wichita was sold. And the steady decline of the middle class continues.

What city wouldn’t be the least congested (June 11 Eagle) when it flings out mini pseudo-cities while eating up farmland, extending utility lines farther and farther, and increasing driving distances? Talk about sustainable planning.

If Wichita took the $30 million estimated to be needed for the new library and fixed the streets that are 30 years past due, we would be for the better.

The part of Arkansas Avenue north of 21st Street desperately needs repairs.

Did no one at the apartments on South Hydraulic hear anything when the 3-year-old was being beaten? I lived in an apartment for three years and could hear my neighbors.

Saline County commissioners have deemed IUDs equivalent to murder and abortion. Once again, elected officials have reinforced the image of Kansas as backwoodsy and ignorant. Judging from those we elect, that image may not be far off the mark.

If you have never been the victim of an unplanned pregnancy, your mother’s or your own, your opinion on abortion rights has no validity.

These days when a politician says “the buck stops here,” he is usually pointing at his own pocket.

How many seniors on Medicare have discovered that Obama lied again when he said there would be no changes for them?

Democratic voters in Nevada selected “none of the above” in the primary election for governor. That pretty much summarizes most voters’ feelings across the nation.

Christmas is over. You can at very least turn off the Christmas lights. Don’t use the excuse you are “keeping Christmas,” because you do that in your head and in your heart, not with lights.

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