Opinion Line (June 11)

06/11/2014 12:00 AM

06/10/2014 5:24 PM

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A shortage of lesser prairie chickens? Put one in Paris Hilton’s purse as she appears on the red carpet, let the ranchers and the hatcheries share the $100-per-bird fee, and watch them multiply.

Kansas is a very red state indeed. With the far-right Republicans in charge, Kansas will be bleeding red ink in no time.

I also filed my taxes in early February. My federal refund was promptly received, but the Kansas website says it takes 16 weeks to process a return. Gov. Sam Brownback himself must be processing them in his spare time.

At least Phil Hermanson had the courage to back down (“Ex-lawmaker Hermanson resigns from KanCare post,” June 7 Eagle). No one in the Obama administration is reversing the prisoner exchange.

President Obama traded five high-ranking terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. To balance the scales, Bergdahl should be sent directly to the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. All in favor, raise your hands.

After years of research I have uncovered a startling truth: Politicians lie. And the ones who win are the ones who can lie the most eloquently. (Being physically attractive helps also.)

It doesn’t say much for a college grad who doesn’t understand that he has to pay back the loans he used to go to school. It doesn’t say much for a president who doesn’t understand that a college grad should live up to his repayment obligations.

I can’t wait to get Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices.” Let’s see now – is that in the fiction or sleep-aid section?

Riverfest was fun and a great success. But why was the music from the opening Wichita Symphony concert drowned out by repeated trips over the concert by a helicopter? Can’t that be stopped?

The Riverfest is over and was a huge success, with many things to do, eat and drink. The people watching was fantastic. My one disappointment was that when the orchestra played our national anthem, many did not stop, place their hand over their heart, and show respect for our flag.

Riverfest ends its annual event with “Blitzkrieg” the day after the observance of D-Day. Is history no longer important or taught in our schools?

It is a good thing someone sprang for the 90-second fireworks show at the close of Riverfest. A steady stream of people were walking out and complaining during the laser light show. But they stopped and cheered the small fireworks display. Bring back the final fireworks.

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