Opinion Line (June 10)

06/10/2014 12:00 AM

06/09/2014 6:16 PM

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Mike Pompeo and Todd Tiahrt: If you want me to decide which one of you to vote for in the upcoming primary based on your 30-second commercials, start giving me a little substance and forget the words “Obama,” “liberal” and “Obamacare.” Those are tune-out words for a lot of us.

Tiahrt running for Congress again makes no sense, except that he must really miss Washington, D.C. And if you love D.C. that much, taxpayers don’t want you in D.C.

It is entirely appropriate for Republican politicians to campaign as fighters against Obama. When his policies and ideology win out, America and the Constitution lose.

I’m surprised the White House didn’t order that another five worst Gitmo prisoners be released to honor D-Day.

When Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, who would have thought that changing the English language was a part of that commitment? We now have new definitions for the words “honor” and “distinction.”

People who think they’re exceptional eventually believe they have no faults. People who think they have no faults end up acting like fools or doing evil things. Beware of the doctrine of “American exceptionalism.”

If the position of inspector general of KanCare could be filled by a person with little or no qualifications, why do we need the position at all?

Every day I wake up just a little bit achier, a little bit more cranky. I know it’s old age, but it feels better to blame the government.

No need to restrict access to guns. The bad guys will get them anyway. No need to restrict access to hard drugs. The users will get them anyway.

The sales tax increase proposal misses the waterline on both counts – too long (five years) and too much (1 cent).

How much tax money is wasted on all these city advisory boards in terms of staff work and paperwork? After all, they are “advisory.”

Gas was $3.28 in Hesston and Salina on Thursday and $3.49 in Wichita. The Eagle needs to investigate why gas prices are consistently higher in Wichita than in many other cities in the state.

Read the yield sign when getting on the highway. You are going to hurt yourself or me when you fail to do so.

We’re visiting from out of state. We had a wonderful time with the kind people in Wichita. Thank you for being so patient and hospitable.

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