Opinion Line (June 8)

06/08/2014 12:00 AM

06/08/2014 6:29 AM

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Gov. Sam Brownback only completed part of the job by cutting income taxes. The other part is to shrink the size of government. The Kansas economy won’t take off until governmental expenditures are reduced.

The attitude of the Brownback administration about the tax collection shortfall appears to be like that of Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman: “What – Me Worry?”

If a Democratic Legislature and governor were running the state into the ground the way this Legislature and governor are, the Republicans would be up in arms.

Since any environmental restrictions on energy production are so evil, I propose we build an oil refinery in Vickridge and a coal-fired power plant in Eastborough. Just think of all the jobs that will be created.

Richard Nixon’s biggest crime wasn’t Watergate. It was establishing the EPA. With Obama’s radical left-wingers running the EPA, our electricity rates will double.

Everyone can be happy that an American soldier was brought home to his family. As someone who was working closely with the young soldiers in the neighboring province when Bowe Bergdahl disappeared, I saw firsthand the anger, hurt, confusion and total chaos his actions caused.

Now that the U.S. has released five senior Taliban leaders from Gitmo in exchange for a likely U.S. Army deserter, we can only hope that some enterprising spook has implanted them with microchips. Mr. Taliban, meet Mr. Drone. May the best man win.

The Obama administration has made me feel like I’m on an amusement park ride. It was exciting for a short while, but then I got nauseated, and now I think I’m gonna puke.

Just because a child is born doesn’t mean the mother will automatically care about the child or put the child’s life before hers. We are creating monsters from these abusive homes for the next generation to deal with.

The only way anyone benefits from the Tiahrt-Pompeo race is if both men auction off their egos and give the results to charity.

When they collect and use all the money from overdue property taxes, then I will vote for the 1-cent sales tax.

If we take a good look at the city’s sales tax wish list, it looks like all the other slush funds, with no accountability. I will vote “no” on anything beyond street repair and police and fire pay increases.

There is a dire need for 24-hour bus service. The powers that be have their heads stuck in the sand if they don’t think that. What about the thousands who work third shift? Evolve, Wichita. Please.

Why do the five overpaid and underworked Sedgwick County commissioners who make about $84,000 a year also get $4,800 per year each for a car allowance? For a change let’s cut the county budget from the top.

Kanye West gave a 20-minute toast to himself at his wedding to Kim Kardashian. Where was Taylor Swift when you needed her to grab the microphone?

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