Opinion Line Extra (June 9)

06/09/2014 12:00 AM

06/09/2014 7:14 AM

Don’t let city leaders steal a penny more. They’ll just use it to buy “light columns” and bronze statuary and to hike up the Keeper of the Plains another 10 feet. Not that you’ll be able to see this, what with the moon crater streets and burst water mains.

The next time a candidate running for president has the audacity to say they will charm the rest of the world, remember that tyrants only respect one thing – strength. They smell and taste weakness. Don’t ever be fooled again. Then tell your children.

This country is so polarized that 40 percent of people think it is OK to exchange one American deserter for five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world because Obama did it. My guess is he could rip up the Constitution and 40 percent would be OK with that.

Nobody should be able to get rich making a mediocre product.

Just because reports show the unemployment rate has gone down doesn’t mean people have jobs. It means unemployment benefits have expired so government can’t account for them. Wake up, people.

Odd that elected officials didn’t seem concerned about the care of veterans until it got to be election time. One who is now shocked voted against additional benefits, another is rarely seen in Wichita, and a third just had to get in on it because that’s how he starts trouble.

Do you know what the Koch brothers have that Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts doesn’t? A house in Kansas.

Todd and Vicki Tiahrt are fine people who have served Kansas well. I don’t know what happened. This is a poor decision and will not end well for them.

I would like to suggest that in the case of corporate-named buildings at universities, the sponsor be responsible for basic upkeep on an annual basis, with the penalty if not performed a monetary amount and loss of naming rights.

No surprise that the governor’s proposal to save the prairie chicken is yet another market-based plan to give us poor citizens of Brownbackistan the bird.

To make an omelet one must break a few eggs. But why must we have wind farms that slice and dice up endangered birds? It’s amazing that the animal rights people remain so quiet about this issue.

I recently attended a Wingnuts game and rented a skybox, and I was thoroughly impressed with how neat and clean it was. To whoever wrote in about the restrooms: Grow up. It’s more important to clean an area where food is served than a restroom.

I loved the “Move: Live on Tour” show with Derek and Julianne Hough at Hartman Arena. Exiting the parking lot was a nightmare, though. I’ll never go back to that place.

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