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06/09/2014 12:00 AM

06/09/2014 7:14 AM

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Sad to see Boeing Wichita close. Somewhere on a golf course in Florida, a former dismissed CEO named Harry Stonecipher is smiling.

How is voting Republican working for you union-hating right-wingers at Boeing? Are you going to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and start a business? Or are you going to take the unemployment insurance you wanted to deny others and complete your journey from maker to taker?

Terrific timing by longtime Boeing flack Todd Tiahrt to announce his campaign the same day the last Air Force plane left Boeing Wichita. At least the Koch flunky belongs to a company that still employs Wichitans.

Tiahrt has entered the Republican primary for Congress saying that Mike Pompeo is not far right enough. I guess Pompeo is a flaming liberal. As a Democrat, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the fun.

I have a friend who taught high school. If a fight broke out, the best strategy was to wait until it was clear who was going to win and then step in, when both were ready to quit. The U.S. should do the same with civil wars around the world.

Shame on those who believe it is the taxpayers’ responsibility to lessen the burden of others’ reproductive choices.

The problems with the VA system should not be a surprise to people. It’s a big government-run facility. We will all have stories like that in three to five years due to the Affordable Care Act. That is also run by big government.

Medicare is now going to pay for sex-change operations? First the VA, and now Medicare is going berserk. Congress, get hold of this thing. It is absurd.

I believe that many parents’ tendency to blame the failure of their child on the teacher is a conscious effort to deny a failure in their own gene pool.

My federal and state income tax returns were filed electronically in February. The federal refund arrived weeks ago. No sign of the state refund. Would it be cynical of me to wonder if the lack of action was designed to hide falling state revenues?

The Wichita Public Library earned a national award in its present configuration – proof once again there is no need to spend millions of tax dollars on a new building downtown.

The fencing and sidewalk north of MacDonald Golf Course is first-class.

Military personnel have been coming home for centuries. Please, no more stories of veterans coming home and “surprising” their families.

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