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06/06/2014 12:00 AM

06/05/2014 5:21 PM

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Seventy years since D-Day. That’s how long it’s been since so many lost their lives and others survived to keep us all free. Thank you to all our veterans of every battle in every war.

It appears that Spirit AeroSystems is evaluating the best ways to put more people out of a job in Wichita.

Way to go, Spirit. Boeing and Spirit off-load work all over the world and find out that parts will not fit together. Now the rumor is Spirit may off-load all fabrication work to become an assembly-only facility. If greed wins out over quality, I’ll never fly again.

The state school board believes an engineer at one of Wichita’s aviation companies possesses enough innate teaching ability to educate our children without additional training. Do board members also believe enough in that same engineer’s knowledge to ride in an airliner with him or her as the pilot?

Object to paying more sales tax for a $90 million jobs fund, which is really just a golden opportunity for businessmen to line their pockets at taxpayers’ expense. With one drop of ink you can write a letter to the editor that will make thousands of people think.

Transparency in the spending of tax dollars for job growth by city officials should not even be up for discussion. Transparency is absolutely required. Anything less looks bad and smells worse. Why would anyone but an Obama cultist vote for non-transparent spending?

Why does it seem that when there is a loss of private-sector jobs there is an increase in government jobs? Someday we can all work for the government.

I’m a Republican who believes in reduce, reuse and recycle. This shouldn’t apply to congressmen, though. Todd Tiahrt? No thanks.

A dictator is a ruler who does what he wants with no consideration for rules or law. Obama consistently overrides our nation’s Constitution, yet those we elected to Congress continue to overlook his actions. Warning: “Then they came for me” may be closer than we thought.

I think it’s funny that Gov. Sam Brownback says Obama has declared “war against middle America” with the new EPA regulations. Brownback and the GOP declared war on Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.

Skip the smut (June 1 Arts & Leisure) and try movies like “Belle” or local theater offerings. Or save your money, go to the library, pick up a good book, and read.

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