Opinion Line (June 4)

06/04/2014 12:00 AM

06/03/2014 5:34 PM

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When are the big automakers going to recall all the vehicles they have sent to Wichita without any turn signals?

I like events like Riverfest and the State Fair. Where else can you get a 75-cent ear of corn for only four bucks?

Public service announcement to those attending the Riverfest: Wear deodorant.

Why are price-fixing, monopolistic practices, moving production offshore and other tactics to lower the price of labor considered good business practices, whereas a progressive tax system is called wealth redistribution?

Your employer has no responsibility to pay you a living wage. You, on the other hand, have the responsibility to develop the work skills necessary to earn a living wage.

A Sonic restaurant in Topeka was robbed Friday, the same day Sonic announced its gun ban. Liberals never learn.

Carrying a firearm anywhere you want is a Second Amendment right.

I would be in favor of an increase in my federal income taxes if the funds were earmarked solely for paying for psychotherapy for President Obama.

Why not consider putting pictures on Social Security cards for all new applicants and eventually changing all others? It would make for good voter-ID verification, plus for many other benefits being applied for.

If stupidity were a handicap, our state elected “leaders” would get better parking spots.

I hope Kansas Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan was referring to Gov. Sam Brownback when he said “the big lug is done.”

Two months in a row the state’s tax revenue has fallen short of projections – $310 million total. Will we run out of money before the governor runs out of excuses?

I am 61 and have lived my whole life in Kansas. When did “compromise” become a dirty word?

Inadequate parking is a significant issue for people who attend classes or events at the main WSU campus. So what does WSU president John Bardo do? He builds another building in the middle of campus over a parking lot.

Universities are brain-dead and money hungry. The Big 10 now consists of 14 teams.

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