Opinion Line Extra (June 3)

06/03/2014 12:00 AM

06/02/2014 5:26 PM

To the person who stole my lawn chair at the Jerrod Niemann concert: I hope you enjoy sitting in it. You ruined a very good concert for me. I won’t be back for the rest of Riverfest.

I am a combat-wounded Army veteran and a lifelong Kansan. I will not vote for Pat Roberts because he does not live in Kansas, like fellow Republican politicians say he does.

Wake up. Some doctors have been refusing to take Medicare patients since long before Gov. Sam Brownback came on the scene.

The Kansas House members swept into power by Brownback aren’t the conservative extremists portrayed by The Wichita Eagle. After all, they turned down a measure to repeal the renewable portfolio standard.

Why do we not hear from those who demand our military leave Iraq and Afghanistan about leaving Kosovo, Korea, Germany or any of the hundreds of other places we have our military deployed?

Less lethal ammunition is like decaf coffee. What’s the point?

Homophobia is a myth.

Mark Cuban is right. Everyone is prejudiced toward some group. The so-called liberals are prejudiced against Christians, Southerners, flyover states, etc.

If people can’t help being obnoxious, the world really is in trouble.

Some want me to forgo Social Security payments because I take more than I contributed. The contributions were mandated. Neither I nor your grandma managed the program into its expected failure. It was D.C. politicians. Please leave us alone and make them fix the program.

Veterans are saying that the VA is more interested in cutting services and costs so that they can get their bonuses. That’s what you get when the government has any involvement in health care. Repeal Obamacare before it’s too late.

The Obama administration has admitted the IRS paid $13 billion last year in waste, fraud and abuse to recipients of the earned income tax credit. Treasury’s inspector general seems to have no clue or no inclination to stop these losses. Politicians who permit this tragedy deserve to get the boot.

As paranoid as the Republicans are under this president, I have begun to wonder if they aren’t doing the spying on their own politicians just to blame Democrats (such as in the case of the Sen. Thad Cochran “scandal”). I no longer believe anything they say, and I’m a Republican.

I’ve often wondered about the crazy ideas some super conservative folks spout on Opinion Line. Then I friended such a person on Facebook. There is a whole industry that puts stuff out that is pure fiction and calls it fact.

Deporting people working and living in this country illegally doesn’t “break up a family.” The illegals should just take their family back home with them.

One good thing about the high price of beef: Since I gave up eating beef due to the high price, my regularity has improved dramatically.

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