Opinion Line (June 3)

06/03/2014 12:00 AM

06/02/2014 5:25 PM

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I won’t listen to anyone who says laws were broken to release Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Any of us would make a deal with the devil to get our kid back. In this instance, we did. But if it takes prisoner exchanges to finally clear out Guantanamo, I’m all for it.

As a Vietnam vet, I am sad we had to trade for a young soldier to get home. But as a father who has lost a son, I would have marched the halls of Congress, repeatedly, knowing nothing would have been done. Thank the powers who got the job done.

Bergdahl is a deserter who defected to the enemy in a time of war. The administration illegally exchanged him for five international war criminals who will no doubt attack us in the future.

Obama broke the law (again) to get Bergdahl. How many people, possibly Americans, will now die because Obama released five war criminals, i.e., murderers?

Mike Pompeo’s campaign ad shows exactly what’s wrong with this country. Instead of saying what he can do for his constituents and the country by working together, he says he will fight the president and anyone with whom he disagrees. Todd Tiahrt couldn’t be any worse.

Tiahrt’s decision to primary Pompeo is baffling, foolish and embarrassing to watch. If they go negative, it will only make Pompeo look better.

In February, 41 of 45 Republican senators blocked a bill that would have provided adequate funding for the health needs of our brave veterans. Those senators included Kansas’ Pat Roberts, who is now running a re-election ad featuring a young Marine. Shame on Roberts for his hypocrisy.

In my 23 years of active duty and subsequent retirement, I’ve learned that nothing is too good for our military personnel, and that’s what they get – nothing.

Please vote “no” on the new sales tax. We need water, street repair and transit, not $90 million wasted on job development. Our streets are a mess.

I am so glad they moved Riverfest to June so events wouldn’t get rained out. Oh, wait….

Riverfest joy is finding a porta-potty that has not been used today.

If the carnival in the Lawrence-Dumont Stadium parking lot is not affiliated with the River Festival, who is approving the use of valuable stadium parking spaces for non-festival activities at a time when parking is at a premium?

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