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June 2, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (June 2)

Graduates at West Point deserve more than a self-serving political speech at their graduation ceremony.

Graduates at West Point deserve more than a self-serving political speech at their graduation ceremony.

If you like the VA system you will love Obamacare – good health care but reduced access. It is cruel to tease people with the promise of health care and then put in restrictions that make it hard to get. Obamacare has limited the doctors and hospitals you can use.

Instead of trying to fix the problems at the VA for which they are largely responsible and helped create, the Republicans in Congress are trying to score political points. The same is true of Benghazi. Is it any wonder Congress has a 9 percent approval rating?

While addressing the graduates at the Air Force Academy, Vice President Joe Biden referred to “the new world order.” That sounds like somebody is up to no good. The United States does not have to join the new world order. We have been doing OK since 1776.

If today’s politics were the Saturday-afternoon Westerns of my childhood, Republicans would be the guys wearing the black hats. Reagan pulled off wearing light-colored hats by being a nice guy with bad ideas. Nowadays Republicans are mostly bad guys with bad ideas.

If Edward Snowden is a spy, then he became a double agent for our enemies and should be punished accordingly.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote an article to students titled “Don’t Major in Intolerance.” Maybe he should take his own advice when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment.

If Rep. Mike Pompeo hadn’t released such a lame TV ad, perhaps Todd Tiahrt never would have challenged him. See what happens when you ignore the creative class?

I’m tired of Republicans. I’m tired of Democrats. Vote them all out and send them packing. People, it’s time for a change.

Upon hearing that gas prices were on the way to become cheaper this summer, I said, “Look out, the prices will start going up.” I was right. The greedy local gas stations raise their prices so that when prices do start to lower, they won’t have to lose so much.

With the sales tax increase, the only jobs to be created are those of travel agents and consultants our City Council will hire to travel to other cities to see how they spend taxpayers’ money. They they will hire consultants to oversee the process to make sure they can hide the frivolous spending.

Wichita does not need a new downtown library. The money needs to be spent on residential streets that are 50 years past repair.

A sincere high-five to the grounds crew at Prairie Dunes Country Club in Hutchinson. Our oft-maligned state looked really good during the NCAA golf championships.

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