Opinion Line (June 2)

06/02/2014 12:00 AM

06/02/2014 6:29 AM

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I bet all the arms of all the department heads in Washington, D.C., are getting really tired from carrying all the water for President Obama.

Obama said he probably got a concussion as a boy playing football. That could explain a lot.

The Bob Dole VA hospital is excellent. They have taken good care of me for 40 years.

VA hospitals shouldn’t even exist. American veterans should be able to receive services at any private medical facility in the country with the government footing the bill. It would cost less, provide private-sector medical jobs, and provide for our heroes.

If the U.S. would quit sending billions of dollars to other countries we could afford a space program and not depend on the Russians.

I’m more worried about nutcases worried about Shariah law than I am worried about Shariah law.

Liberals want the freedom to run their own lives. Conservatives want the freedom to run everyone’s life.

If Donald Sterling had just once managed to slip the word “Obamacare” into his rant, he’d still be owner of a basketball team.

If raising the minimum wage provided long-term help we would have no poor. The minimum has been raised many times in the past 50-plus years.

If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive their car while intoxicated then why do they want to confiscate your guns when others commit crimes with their guns?

In the U.S. my birth control is more regulated than my guns. Birth control and reproductive health services are harder to get than a gun and bullets.

I am outraged that the former deputy director of the KBI received three years’ probation for having an image of a teenage girl involved in sexually explicit conduct. Any common person likely would have received prison time.

It seems as though nearly every week another sick adult is charged with child molestation in the Wichita area. Is Satan gaining a foothold here, or is there just something in the local water supply?

I saw an adult female bicyclist and two teenage children, also on bicycles, run a red light at Second and Water. It is such people who give all bicyclists a bad name.

The Stiefel Theatre in Salina recently presented Tony Bennett. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime show. Wichita missed out again. Local promoters need to wake up and realize there’s more than just country music out there.

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