Opinion Line (May 31)

05/31/2014 12:00 AM

05/30/2014 5:15 PM

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So a CEO can make a few thousand bucks an hour and it’s a validation of the capitalist system. But suggest a raise of the minimum wage to lift folks out of poverty and suddenly it’s the end of free enterprise. How hypocritical and downright immoral.

All employees are judged by their product. If we can’t judge teachers based on their product, the performance of their students, what other measure do we use? Their good intentions?

I do not care if anyone at the VA quits. I want those who are responsible for the delays that killed our veterans to be known and sent to jail, maybe even be charged with murder. That would be accountability.

All our veterans need to do for faster medical treatment is to masquerade as illegal aliens.

Maybe veterans, deprived of health care, should all announce that they are gay. Maybe then the president would acknowledge them – and call them heroes.

While the VA is taking a beating nationwide, I want to thank the ladies in the Wichita VA audiology department for all they have done for my hearing disability. A devoted team in my book.

Sen. Pat Roberts’ latest attempt at a campaign ad insults the electorate’s intelligence. It unwittingly epitomizes his take-no-initiative, seniority-minded, be-there-for-the-glory attitude.

I am a longtime recycler. However, I am at a point where I can no longer take the time or gas to deliver my recycled items. When is Wichita going to offer free curbside recycling?

I would like to see money put into expanding and improving the Wichita Public Library branches, and even building a couple of new ones as the city expands. The branches serve our neighborhoods very well.

To all the Christians who support the death penalty: Please show me where in the New Testament the death penalty is proposed by Jesus.

River Festival is upon us. Leave pets at home. Don’t smoke around nonsmokers outside, especially children. Be kind to others. Have fun.

I wish someone could explain to me why you need valid government ID to claim the prize in The Eagle’s Medallion Hunt, but some say you shouldn’t need one to vote for our government officials.

To whoever turned two troublemaking cats loose in our neighborhood: One has had three kittens. You did these cats no favors, because the kittens are not going to have a good life. I would like to turn you loose where you’re not wanted and see how you like it.

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