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May 29, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (May 29)

Human clones have been walking the Earth for a long time. They are commonly known as liberals.

Human clones have been walking the Earth for a long time. They are commonly known as liberals.

It is amazing how many people think that Obamacare actually provides health care to individuals when it is the same health insurance companies that provide business and private insurance throughout the country. I guess you have to be able to read and not just listen to Fox News.

So now we are sending troops to Nigeria. What? Do you mean that Michele’s tweets didn’t work?

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised the most open and visible government ever. Instead, bureaucrats delay, deny, distort and hide facts inconvenient to his administration. Scandals are twisted to suit his political agenda. So much for his campaign promises.

On the VA scandal: Asking a Democrat to resign is like asking the sun to not come up.

There is not a bigger issue that all Americans should demand than upgrading the VA hospitals. Take a minute to think of the sacrifice.

If Hillary Clinton should ever be elected president, I hope the world ends the day before she takes office.

Chances are Kellogg will be finished before the sand is removed from west Wichita streets.

The only bike plan the city should be considering should be one to aggressively ticket bicyclists because their adherence to traffic laws and rules of the road is almost nonexistent. They are far worse than those driving motor vehicles in this city, and that says a lot.

Concerning Donald Sterling: I thought we had freedom of speech in America, even for unwise speech. In the past we said, “I don’t agree with you, but I will defend your right to say it.”

With the illegal fireworks and all, I guess the village idiot thought this past weekend was Independence Day. I’m probably wasting my time with this. He probably doesn’t read, either.

To the person who said, “Get the heck out of Kansas” if you want a better life: Follow your own advice and please leave. We don’t want you here.

People build fences 6 feet or taller because nosy neighbors like you are in their business. Why don’t you mind your own business and get a life? Build a 12-foot mirrored fence so you can watch yourself. Or would that offend you?

The saying is true: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Backyard peace and quiet? I am in agreement with the other person who has inconsiderate neighbors with barking dogs. I have them on the right and on the left. It sure does ruin your peaceful evening. And I thought we were friends.

Trashy apartments really stink up the neighborhood.

I wish right and wrong was the same as legal and illegal.

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