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05/29/2014 12:00 AM

05/28/2014 5:57 PM

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While Harry Reid is still snorting Koch, the national media are still sipping tea.

The left frequently mentions that the Kochs’ father was in the John Birch Society. Why do they never mention that the dad of their millionaire friend Warren Buffett was in that club at the same time? I forgot – he gives the Democrats money.

I have no problem with the Kochs being wealthy. There are plenty of rich guys who do not resort to corporate tyranny in order to cement their wealthy-old-white-guy beliefs of supposed fair, free markets. They have no shame.

Why do we need a $90 million slush fund for jobs development? Because everyone else is doing it – otherwise known as the lemming principle.

We need to be given more specific information on how the $90 million jobs fund will be used, including who will control it and how the public accounting will be made. Otherwise I will have to vote “no” on the whole package, even though I favor the other items.

“Iran’s supreme leader: ‘Jihad will continue until America is no more.’” But the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office won’t train for it.

Leave it to the Sheriff’s Office administrators to not have the guts or backbone to stand up for the deputies they lead. At least the citizens can count on the deputies to do their jobs with honor and integrity. God bless our real public servants.

Sheriff Jeff Easter’s support of the Council on American-Islamic Relations should be wake-up call to all Sedgwick County residents. In the near future do you really want to live under Shariah law?

A friend told me, “I think my son is gay.” I told him, “Love him unconditionally.” Unfortunately, many parents do not when they learn their child is gay.

The people opposed to increasing our reliance on renewable energy sources are reminiscent of the buggy-whip manufacturers of a century ago.

Where did it say to go out and overpopulate the world?

Liberals claim that the VA scandal was due to Republican budget cuts. Guess those “cuts” didn’t apply to bonuses.

Columnist Leonard Pitts and I agree (“Time to show veterans some love,” May 26 Opinion). I feel as though I should apologize to our veterans instead of repeating platitudes.

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