Opinion Line Extra (May 28)

05/28/2014 12:00 AM

05/27/2014 6:02 PM

Terrorists have already cast a bad light on Muslims. The law enforcement training session was meant to convey that view for our protection. Shame on the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office for putting up with the bullying.

Have you ever noticed that the Christians, no matter what their religion is, are always bickering about their holier-than-thou attitudes?

It was reported in the paper the other day that golf rounds in the U.S. were down 650,000 rounds. If not for Obama playing all the time, they would be down another 100,000.

Supporters can rave all they want. The Affordable Care Act is costing me an additional $9,000 a year for less medical coverage and I don’t like it. I would support repeal.

Very few Americans will catch a break from Obamacare. Unfortunately, a vast majority of us will be paying more – in many cases, much more. It is the American workingman and his family who will suffer. Obamacare is bad medicine.

Long wait times to get an appointment with a doctor are a form of rationing, and not expected to improve under Obamacare.

Anyone who correlates current VA problems with future Obamacare problems obviously has no personal knowledge of either program. As an RN for 35 years, I can say it has been at least that long that rumors have swirled around the VA regarding the lack of standard quality care.

To the person wondering why we can’t abolish party labels and elect our representatives based solely on their character, honesty, integrity, merit and qualifications: I agree totally, but where are you going to find such a politician who has any of those?

A question to all the haters: Could you really do a better job if you were in that position? Think about it. Probably not.

Brownback economics based primarily on sales and property taxes have Kansas in a death spiral. There will be an exodus from this state. Plummeting property values, property tax revenue, and sales tax revenue will doom Kansas. Stop this lunacy. Come November, a vote against Brownback is a vote for Kansas.

Something must be wrong with my hearing aid. They keep saying “liberty,” but I keep hearing “idiocy.”

Isn’t “botched execution” an oxymoron?

I don’t want a Virginian representing me and Kansas in the U.S. Senate.

Public “education” is the backbone of government indoctrination.

They keep talking about “free” lunches and “free” college and “free” everything else. I got news: If you’re getting it “free,” you’re stealing it out of the mouths of working taxpayers.

Tony Bennett brought the house down the minute he entered the stage at Salina’s Stiefel Theatre. It was a great performance from beginning to end. Great musicians accompanied him. Cheers to the 87-year-old icon. Wichita needs to get these kind of gigs to town.

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