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05/28/2014 12:00 AM

05/27/2014 6:02 PM

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Why do Republicans call themselves “conservatives”? Any time “conservation” is proposed, they throw a fit. “Renewable energy is the work of the devil.” “How dare those prairie chickens interfere with our farms and oil wells?” They should call themselves “consumatives.”

We are regulating small business out of business. It’s so difficult to form a new business today that many prospective owners don’t bother.

Income inequality is a problem? When all the liberals give to charity everything they earn over and above the U.S. average annual income, let me know. Then I’ll join them.

Kansas’ most recent long-range plan: Take contraceptive funding away from Planned Parenthood so more poor people will have more children. Refuse to expand Medicaid. Chronically underfund public education. Then you’ll have a steadily growing stream of poor people with poor education and poor health to complain about.

It’s always amazed me how Planned Parenthood can equate health care with ending the life of an unborn child.

I suggest we rename the Washington Redskins the Washington Tea Party. They make a lot of noise, have no game plan and never accomplish anything.

Why do governments and corporations put their most vital and secret information on computers they know will be hacked? It’s like putting a sign on your lawn that says, “Nobody home. Front door unlocked. Good stuff inside. Y’all come.”

I won’t vote for another tax until I see more results from the taxes I already pay. I recently attended a game at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and was appalled at the restrooms. And what about the streets? What is our tax money being used for, other than employee salaries and consultants?

Thank you for the extra hours and effort to get the sand off the streets. The problem remaining is how the sand, car debris and dead animals will be removed from main crosswalks at stoplights. It’s really bad at 21st and Maize, and makes for unsafe walking and biking conditions.

With the proliferation of energy drinks and energy supplements, shouldn’t there be a government investigation into finding where all the energy has gone? Could the drones be sucking it out of everyone?

Why is it that people with small minds are blessed with big mouths?

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