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May 25, 2014

Opinion Line (May 25)

Before being too critical of the Common Core standards, maybe you should read them. If you can’t understand them, then you need them.

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Before being too critical of the Common Core standards, maybe you should read them. If you can’t understand them, then you need them.

If you’re young and want to live and raise a family where education is valued, children are important, seniors are respected, diversity is honored, and individual rights are not diminished by a government that fails to listen to its constituency, then get the heck out of Kansas.

Radical, right-wing Republicans sure have gotten their feathers up when it comes to the feds and the lesser prairie chicken. Why aren’t they clucking about the millions of dollars a year in farm welfare (I mean “subsidies”) the feds send to Kansas?

Raise the sales tax for 10 years. Water supply and bus service are first. Then fix roads and invest in everything else that makes life worth living in Wichita. But no new library. There is nothing you can get there you can’t get off a PC or smartphone.

To get my vote, a sales tax must be for a specific capital improvement and dollar amount (such as a library or water treatment facility), and end as soon as it is paid for (like the arena tax). It can’t be for ongoing budget items or an economic development slush fund.

Sedgwick County voted down the casino, which would have provided plenty of money for city projects. So, if you really think these projects are so important, force the Kansas Legislature to let us vote on slot machines at the dog track. A sales tax is not the solution.

In January, I almost died. Thanks to the hardworking doctors and nurses of the VA hospital, I found out I was diabetic and had an extremely high blood sugar level. The VA hospital saved my life.

The VA mess is an example of smaller government: Cut funds, cut staff, expect superior service.

Maybe we should send our veterans to Guantanamo Bay for medical care. Al-Qaida terrorists are getting better medical care at Gitmo than our wounded veterans are getting at VA hospitals. That is truly outrageous.

When Obama says he is not going to tolerate something, that means he is going to lie and do everything he can to stonewall any investigation that will get to the truth.

The liberal Brookings Institution has determined that for the first time in 30 years, more American businesses are folding now than are being created. The results of Obamanomics are plain to see.

If you don’t want to pray while others do, sit silently until it is over.

What is mentally wrong with people who build 6 foot or taller wooden fences? What are they trying to hide? The saying is true: “Fences do a prison make.”

As a waitress, I have observed most families allow their children to eat the same thing day after day. When given a choice, they choose chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, or pizza. How can the poor eating habits of our youths be blamed on the schools?

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