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May 27, 2014

Opinion Line (May 27)

Will Kansas’ ultraconservative policies lead the state to be the first in history to declare bankruptcy?

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Will Kansas’ ultraconservative policies lead the state to be the first in history to declare bankruptcy?

Every time Kris Kobach loses in court, which is frequently, he says it’s a victory. He’s the Kansas version of Baghdad Bob.

Some on the right say our president doesn’t love our country, but I don’t think he has a clue what to do. He just wants to play and travel on our dollar.

This is how desperate Republicans are regarding Hillary Clinton: They didn’t believe she had a concussion, but it turns out she did so she can’t be president.

Solyndra, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the VA scandal – any one of those would have been enough to completely destroy a Republican president. The media would have made sure of it.

Baghdad was a far bigger cover-up than Benghazi. Do you really think we are that easily fooled?

Veterans have died in the line of duty since the dawn of civilization. However, they should not be dying in line at the VA hospitals waiting for the care they deserve.

The VA fiasco is nothing but a prelude to what Obamacare will look like to the everyday citizen once fully implemented. It won’t be pretty.

I have enjoyed reading the Opinion Line comments to see what Kansas is thinking. My, there is a lot of hostility out there. When did we forget about discussion of ideas and cooperation to solve problems?

The problem is that debate is not a substitute for actual thinking.

Why can’t we vote on sales taxes to pay for individual items? If we have to include everything on the city’s wish list in one vote, my vote is “no.”

The Dunbar Theatre is closed and seats about 400. The Orpheum is active and seats 1,300. Where is your better investment? The City Council needs to get its priorities straight.

Emergency vehicles shouldn’t have to nearly come to a stop at every major intersection because of careless drivers who don’t pay attention to the flashing lights, siren and horn. The first offense of blocking a first responder should result in a $250 fine and 30-day suspension of your license.

WichiTalk had an article on fresh lemonade (May 21 Eagle). It made me think about the wonderful lemonade at Riverfest a vendor sells. I have never, even from my mother, had such good lemonade. I look forward to savoring a big cup soon.

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