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May 23, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (May 23)

Obama’s promise that he and his administration would be “transparent” turned out just like Superman trying to look through lead.

Obama’s promise that he and his administration would be “transparent” turned out just like Superman trying to look through lead.

Obama should take his National Climate Assessment to China and convince the Chinese to upend their economy. China became the world’s biggest carbon polluter in 2007. Its pollution is growing exponentially and is now 50 percent greater than in the U.S.

The Republican investigation about Benghazi is meant to harm Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, just as Republicans sabotaged Al Gore’s campaign while he was still the vice president. When Bill Clinton’s popularity went down, conservative editorialists would refer to it as the Clinton-Gore administration.

Republicans in Congress said we didn’t have the money to fund more embassy security, then found money to investigate what happens when there isn’t enough embassy security. Unbelievable.

I saw that some banks are getting fined for the 2008 financial disaster. I thought that was all President Bush’s fault.

Timothy Geithner says that on more than one occasion the White House tried to put words in his mouth. That seems a common theme from this White House. If they could manage our country’s business as well as they make up stories, we would be in much better shape.

The criticism of the hashtag response to the Nigerian schoolgirls’ kidnapping is to goad the president into helping out in a meaningful way. Of course, we mustn’t say that the kidnapping is terrorism or was inspired by Islam. No, just criticize their Christian government.

If terrorism comes to mind when you hear the word “Muslim,” then I’m sure Fred Phelps is who you think of when you hear the word “Christian,” right?

Kansas should welcome climate change, bringing rain to parched land and a change in the political climate to boot.

Nuclear energy plants do not emit smoke, just steam from hot water. No other generating source provides more clean air energy. It’s just steam and lots of clean electricity.

I suppose that the state will have the money to support the prison system that will get the boys who end up there after the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch closes. Yet it could not find the money to fix some of the problems at the ranch and turn one or two of the boys around.

Concerning free lunches for everyone in school: Don’t breed them if you cannot feed them.

Oklahoma is being criticized for the botched execution of a man who shot a 19-year-old girl and then buried her alive. So what if it took him longer than expected to die? How long did it take the poor girl to suffocate in that shallow grave? Bring back the firing squad.

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