Opinion Line Extra (May 22)

05/22/2014 12:00 AM

05/21/2014 5:12 PM

Count me in on naming the airport after Bob Dole. It seems a fitting way to honor his service in the military and in Washington. Too bad his negotiating skills are no longer in Washington to bring compromise to the two sides of issues for the good of our country.

Keep voting for the Democrats and we will all be out of work soon.

I am so tired of the half-truths spread by just a few members in Congress every time they are given airtime. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, like Douglas MacArthur, need to just fade, fade away.

A popular YouTube filmmaker said he does quick films for the Internet because people today have the attention span of a goldfish. Then it hit me how Obama got elected.

Headline: “North Korea unleashes racial slurs against Obama.” Why should we be outraged? It’s been going on in the U.S., spoken or implied, since the day he first took the oath of office.

A recent study of the largest political contributors ranked the Kochs at only No. 59. The top contributors were all unions and other big Democrat donors. Democrats need bogeymen like the Kochs to motivate their voters.

No one’s opinion can be taken seriously when they bad-mouth the Kochs unless they make the same comments at the same time about people such as George Soros and his like-minded cronies.

I see the Koch brothers are spending money all over the world. I wonder why they could not have spent some of that money on saving Joyland.

It would be nice if the Koch brothers would decide to support the boys ranch with some of that extra money they seem to have. A plaque could even be displayed with their names on it.

The VA is as guilty as General Motors for not fixing something that has been broken for a long time.

Americans must have the shortest memories in the world. When Bush took office, the economy was strong. Eight years later those surpluses were just fond memories, we were in two wars, and the economy was crashing. That is the Republican track record.

Did anybody really imagine that the review board in the Pat Roberts residency challenge needed to meet to reach a foregone conclusion?

May I safely assume that Women for Kansas will do their best to protect the unborn women of Kansas? I didn’t think so.

Leonard Pitts is wrong (May 19 Opinion). Those silly #BringBackOurGirls posts have as much effect on those hoodlums as wearing pink tennis shoes has on breast cancer. Instead of spending money on pink shoes, shirts, etc., donate to breast cancer research.

It would appear that Westar Energy is on its way to replacing the federal or state government as Public Enemy No. 1. A lot of people in my neighborhood seem to be unhappy with it.

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