Opinion Line (May 21)

05/21/2014 12:00 AM

05/20/2014 5:32 PM

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If we could verify that the Iranians aren’t building atomic weapons, we would be money ahead to not only do away with all the punitive sanctions but to pay them.

Why were Bush administration officials no-shows at the dedication of the National Sept. 11 Memorial Museum? Have they no respect? They used Sept. 11 to start two wars, but care nothing about the memorial? For shame.

Liberals claim this is the greatest nation on Earth, then with the next breath express a desire to make it look like a European nation. Really? Which one?

If Obama and Congress really want to levy serious sanctions against Vladimir Putin for the unorthodox invasion of the Ukraine, they should export all of the GM vehicles to Russia.

Does anybody see an impropriety in an elected officer of the state getting a bill passed, then investing in a resulting manufacturing company?

I do not support WSU’s proposed 4.9 percent increase in tuition and fees. My son took 15 credit hours this spring, with six of those hours taught by graduate assistants. I pay for a quality education from a professor. That is what I’d like to receive.

WSU president John Bardo needs to get an education. His propensity to raise his customers’ (students’) tuition and fees much more than the rate of inflation just demonstrates his disconnect from reality.

Can someone tell me what the professors and other teachers have done at WSU to warrant merit raises? Most don’t even work full-time jobs.

How “green” are Kansas universities?

Supporters of the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch should organize a fundraiser to keep the ranch open. I would contribute, because it makes more sense to try to rehab these boys than to put them in jail.

Speaking for the wildlife that live in the Riverside area, mainly for the geese, why don’t you commuters take a different route if you’re lacking patience to drive slowly when you are in their way, rather than constantly honking your vehicle at them to move? Very sad to watch.

Working in the garden can be a peaceful activity, unless you have an inconsiderate neighbor who lets their dog bark at you the whole time you are out there.

Please figure out whether it’s more important to get to your destination on time or to send that text/make that call. Then do one or the other.

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