Opinion Line (May 18)

05/18/2014 12:00 AM

05/18/2014 12:13 AM

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I think with all the problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs, Kathleen Sebelius should take over the secretary position. After all, she really knows health care.

Any idiot can cut taxes. I would rather vote for someone who proposes raising taxes. Not only does that take personal courage, but it means that they have really taken the time to study the issues since their political career is on the line.

It is no tragedy that Kansas revenue was $93 million off in April. This means $93 million was retained by businesses and the people of Kansas. More important, less money can be wasted by government agencies and bureaucrats. Less government is a great thing.

So there are allegations of pay-to-play activities surrounding the Brownback administration? Nothing new there, as it describes the entire political process.

Please stop fighting against Gov. Sam Brownback. Give him a chance. He is working to make Kansas an income-tax-free state. It’s like with a business: It takes at least two years to get established and see a profit. Show your Kansas respect and help him end the burden.

The increasing college tuition is a moot point, considering state legislators’ prior, current and future plans to undermine our K-12 educational system. Students won’t have the education to pass college entrance exams to begin with.

There is no difference between a moderate and a liberal.

You know what would really be refreshing? For people to vote in someone who will work for the nation and not blame the other party when something goes wrong. Where did taking responsibility go in politics?

I see where Westar Energy has filed for yet another rate increase. When are our leaders – city, county and state – going to step in and say enough is enough?

Westar wants another rate increase after declaring a $69 million quarterly profit? Makes sense to me.

When is Wichita going to start repairing roads instead of putting money into the arts and a new library? What’s wrong with the library we have? People don’t have the money to attend any activities if they’re repairing their vehicles from driving on the horribly neglected streets.

If the bars in Old Town need more police presence, let them pay for it, not the taxpayer. Their activity is taking law enforcement away from the rest of the city. “Entertainment district”? That is a joke.

Kansas has been in a drought for several years. Now is the time to have water restrictions in Wichita, while the reservoir is full. Can’t you see another dust bowl on the way?

Wichita reached 100 degrees the earliest day in recorded history this year. That day was also the earliest start of hibernation season for climate-change deniers.

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