Opinion Line Extra (May 19)

05/19/2014 12:00 AM

05/19/2014 6:07 AM

To the Kansas policymakers: What if your child was in excruciating pain and marijuana was their only chance to live a life a little more bearable? What would you do for your child?

Joyland was fantastic in its day. That era is past. I spent time there, I know it was great. But Wichita has moved on. Fortunately, there are those, namely Botanica and generous donors, that have stepped forward to make new memories with the carousel.

Sen. Marco Rubio could very well be our next president, if he doesn’t fall off the edge of his flat earth before Election Day.

I doubt that David Koch and Charles Koch are causing global warming. However, all of the hot air coming out of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid certainly is a prime factor.

Look in science magazines from the 1970s and you will find warnings that if we don’t reduce our carbon footprint we will enter an ice age. Some of the same scientists are saying today that we are causing global warming. They are lying to you because they want to control your life.

If I had been a victim in the attack on the World Trade Center, I would rather have the money spent on the memorial go to research and development of lifesaving medical treatments.

What do you suppose is most responsible for mass shootings: a) law-abiding gun owners; b) guns; c) “high-capacity” magazines; d) “assault” weapons; e) mentally disturbed people who don’t care about gun laws?

Has anyone else noticed how quietly banks, credit unions and fast-food businesses have removed flagpoles from outside their places? Is it because they are foreign-owned or don’t want to “offend” others?

It wasn’t the Obama administration that caused the credit rating downgrade. It was the Congress shutting down our government that caused it.

If Pope Francis were to begin advocating for “creating new wealth,” as Cal Thomas said he should (May 14 Opinion), then the pope would not be following the teachings of Christ.

Being a homosexual goes against your religion? Then gays have a different religion from yours. They aren’t doing anything illegal. Leave them alone.

The Wichita City Council voted to design a new library we can’t afford. Enlarging the existing library can probably be done aesthetically, with much lower costs than a brand-new building. Meanwhile, our $2 billion maintenance backlog remains untouched.

It is really hard for me to believe there is one person left in Wichita who thinks there is the slightest chance that “those people downtown” are not going to build a new library.

Does the city plan on leaving the sand down in west Wichita for next winter?

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