Opinion Line (May 17)

05/17/2014 12:00 AM

05/16/2014 3:54 PM

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The U.S. House under Republican control is like a broken record: Express the latest moral outrage. Investigate it. Vote to repeal Obamacare. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Obama did not save the auto industry; taxpayers did. Obama did not kill Osama bin Laden; Navy SEALs did. All we have from Obama is more foreign policy trouble, more trillions in debt, economic instability, the Obamacare mess and a more divided America. 2016 cannot come soon enough.

When the U.S. becomes a Third World country, as is happening now, who will help the poor? When the wealthy are destroyed and the government is broke, where will the help come from?

Bob Dole says compromise is the best way to govern. No wonder he doesn’t recognize his own party anymore. Can you imagine a modern-day Republican using the word “yes”?

Hillary Clinton is probably one of the smartest and most experienced women in the country and would make an excellent president. No wonder the Republicans are running scared and putting out stupid comments like the one from Karl Rove.

The uniformed victims of a coldhearted Islamist terrorist at Fort Hood absolutely deserve the Purple Heart. Our soldiers were defending U.S. soil (while mainly unarmed) against an international threat. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these heroes, and respect is owed to their families.

Man, I picked the wrong job. I should have worked for the government. You aren’t held accountable for what you do wrong.

The endless recalls by GM make one wonder if GM’s acceptance of a government bailout created a “good enough for government work” mentality.

Customers who do not return their empty shopping carts to the proper storage in the parking lot, no matter the weather, are both lazy and selfish and do not deserve the privilege of using a shopping cart.

“Officer who rescued boy from swollen creek to be honored” was a great front-page story (May 15 Eagle). It reminded readers that life can change in a New York minute. Officer Darren Sundquist pulled that little boy out of the water and made a lot of people happy.

I shouldn’t be hearing gunshots when I take my dog out for a midnight stroll.

In response to the person who wondered what part “all the king’s horses” could have played in putting Humpty Dumpty back together: Perhaps they were used as glue.

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