Opinion Line (May 16)

05/16/2014 12:00 AM

05/15/2014 4:06 PM

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All you hear from Democrats is how Kansas was downgraded on its credit rating. Where were they when the country was downgraded under this administration?

Gov. Sam Brownback loves to refer to his “road map for Kansas.” I just hope we haven’t already missed the last free exit.

Public education is the backbone of our country. In Kansas, Brownback is destroying it piece by piece.

Sen. Pat Roberts no more lives in Kansas than I live on the moon.

Straying from the wise path of our Founding Fathers, President Obama has turned Washington into Big Brother with the welfare state doling out an endless array of goodies. As Americans accept the goodies, we become clients of government rather than masters of it.

Have you noticed that liberals are solidly pro-choice except when it comes to your schools, your guns, free trade, your health care, your energy use, your smoking, union membership, your lightbulbs, your plastic bags, Walmart, and what foods you’re allowed to eat?

The thing about wealth is that it’s a disease – an addiction to the fruit of others’ labor.

Regarding deregulation, does any rational person believe any industry would watch itself as acutely as an independent watchdog would? That the possibility of easier, quicker or larger profits would not be temptation enough to risk a little here or a lot after that?

If you own or run a business, that makes you the boss, not God. Please note the difference.

Instead of spending millions on a new Central Library, we should update the existing library and use the remaining money to save Judge Riddel Boys Ranch.

There is still a lot of sand in the streets on the west side of Wichita. I wonder if Mayor Carl Brewer, Police Chief Norman Williams and City Manager Robert Layton still have sand in front of their homes.

All of west-side Wichita has smooth streets and lots of places to shop. Did someone forget about the east and south sides of Wichita? The west side is getting more than it needs. Hillside, Oliver, Woodlawn and other streets need work.

It really irks me when the person in front of me in the left-turn lane is looking down making love to a cellphone while the arrow has turned green. Then they make the light and I miss it.

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