Opinion Line Extra (May 14)

05/14/2014 12:00 AM

05/13/2014 5:30 PM

Vanity Fair is the publication that dragged out Monica Lewinsky, most likely with Hillary Clinton’s blessing. Talk about it now and and it’s over and done with, not to be a distraction in the 2016 election cycle.

Mitt Romney is back. He’s like a bad penny. How many times do the American people have to reject him and his ideology? Can’t he take a hint? If he wants to preserve any sense of dignity, he needs to go back to his hidey-hole and stay there.

Speaker John Boehner and his boys are like grade-schoolers searching for any Benghazi-like distraction to use as an excuse to avoid real work. If their true goal is to accomplish nothing, why don’t they save taxpayers a bundle and literally do nothing?

It’s amazing that local letter writers can be experts on the Benghazi incident and render verdicts as to responsibility. Or are they just espousing what they hear from those determined to harvest political gain?

None of the presidents in previous tragedies against Americans on foreign soil blamed a YouTube video. That is what is different with the Benghazi investigation. Politics trumped all and evidently still does.

George Bush lied and 4,000 people died. Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Liberals should stop worrying about how many soldiers, civilians and dollars have been lost in Iraq and pay attention to Benghazi.

Why do Democrats want more for the criminals and less for the victims, and why do they support illegal immigrants instead of the American worker?

Considering the plethora of messes the current crop of federal, state and local elected officials have us in, Mickey Mouse would be a shoo-in for any office where his name appeared on the ballot. Oh, let us not forget Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck also.

Paul Davis is not a liberal. It is impossible to govern as a liberal in this reddest of the red states. He will, however, govern as a centrist and a moderate – unlike the current governor, whose governing philosophy can best be described as slash and burn.

White-collar extremism is responsible for more hardened students. These new students are simply not interested in the white-collar song and dance anymore. In other words, the dangling carrot needs to be replaced with some fresh incentives.

Google and the NSA are very much the same in that they both want all the private information they can dig up on us. Use Google at your own risk.

Dear Oklahoma: Justice delayed is justice denied.

Regarding the recent food drive: I filled my blue plastic bag with canned goods and it was never picked up. Many friends say the same happened in their neighborhood. What gives?

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