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May 13, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (May 13)

From the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans’ disgraceful behavior has been beyond un-American.

From the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency, Republicans’ disgraceful behavior has been beyond un-American.

Hillary Clinton, who is complicit in the murder of U.S. citizens in Libya by not sending the help that was asked for to protect them, criticized the Nigerian government for not asking for enough help to find the kidnapped girls. What a piece of work she is.

The fact that Hillary Clinton blamed everyone else but her husband for his escapade adventures tells me she would not make a very responsible president of our country.

Terrorists have to be some of the dumbest guys in the world. The U.S. military has killed nearly every terrorist who was dumb enough to get on TV or have his picture taken.

When will the Democrats learn? If you want to get something done, oppose it. Come out against the minimum wage. Come out against Obamacare. Come out for voter oppression. Just because you are against it, the Republicans will be for it and you win.

The Democrats are desperate to have Kool-Aid drinkers drink the drink. It was climate change, climate cooling, climate control, climate heating and, now, with elections coming, “global climate disruption.” The only disruption we have is listening to their trash.

It’s frightening that we’ve reached a point where the meaning of the First Amendment’s establishment clause isn’t perfectly clear. Congress is strictly forbidden from passing laws that establish a state religion or restrict the free exercise thereof. Seriously, how hard is that?

Since Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature found out that the ACA (Obamacare) wasn’t setting up “death panels” as touted by Republican congressmen, they apparently have decided to usurp control of Medicare so they can set up their own state panels.

Until Brownback signed HB 2553 into law, I was undecided about whom to vote for in the upcoming election. It will not be for him. I do not want Brownback or his Legislature running my Medicare.

“Move along” is the typical attitude of some conservative Republicans toward Women for Kansas. “Just move along and keep quiet, girls. We know what’s best.”

Teachers lost their due-process rights. People wrote opinions on the subject, some chastising teachers. I wonder why every job doesn’t include a due-process provision.

Research is beginning to show that caffeine and alcohol in moderation are actually good for your health. I think that further research will show that nicotine removed from tobacco, without the tar and smoke, in moderation is good for your health.

The weatherman on KSN needs to get himself under control. When we get typical Kansas weather, he acts like the sky is falling trying to scare people.

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