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May 13, 2014

Opinion Line (May 13)

If the citizens of Ukraine aren’t willing to fight for their country, why should anyone else?

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If the citizens of Ukraine aren’t willing to fight for their country, why should anyone else?

Time magazine has decided that Vladimir Putin has moved from being president to being a czar. To which President Obama might say: “I thought I was the only one who could appoint a czar?”

People, the VA is bureaucratic, government-run health care. If you like the way the VA is treating our veterans, you are going to love Obamacare.

Fracking for oil and gas in Kansas has resulted in water being locked away permanently in “disposal wells.” Concerned about drought? Stop fracking until all water used will be recycled and returned to our water supply.

If you believe in equitable opportunity, quality public education for children, progressive public leadership, social justice, religious freedom and respect of differences, and if you’re counting on the stability and availability of your future Medicare benefits, run as fast as you can to a new home state.

He gave huge taxes cut to the wealthy. Now our budget is in trouble, economic and job growth pale in comparison to neighboring states, and our credit is downgraded. Sam Brownback is Kansas’ George W. Bush. Too bad the lemmings will vote him back in.

All of the slamming of Brownback by the left and the faux Republicans tells me that he must be on the right track.

Wichita knocked me out by coming through with an expanded bus plan. Good cities have good bus lines, and I am excited that Wichita is on the way to being a better city.

Come on, Wichita, Sedgwick County, someone. Take care of the boys at the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch now. Some can be helped. It’s proved that boys need more help than girls at this age. Help now or support them in prison later. Which is better?

Wichita East High School is ranked the best public high school in Kansas. Which raises the question: Why aren’t other Wichita high schools emulating East and all ranking as the best schools in Kansas?

Kansas is hail country. We need more carports.

The term “selfie“ sounds a lot like “selfish.”

The word “selfie” has now been run into the ground. OK, we get it.

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