Opinion Line Extra (May 12)

05/12/2014 12:00 AM

05/12/2014 5:48 AM

Democrats and Republicans have achieved their goal and divided this country right down the middle. Why don’t we start a new political party? Start by filling it with 50 percent right out of the middle.

Want to make a difference in the November elections? Please turn out, read about the candidates’ positions, and vote for someone who has substance instead of looking for an “R” or “D” by the name.

Next election I will not vote for conservatives or liberals. I will vote for moderates. I will not be voting for anyone based on the dollars in his campaign fund. I will be voting based on the individual’s honesty, intelligence, compassion and love of our country and her people.

“The big little city on by the river” is beginning to move up on the mojo-meter. Don’t stop wearing your sunglasses at night, and boogie down in the afternoon, Wichita peeps.

Regarding this proposed $90 million jobs fund: Are these real jobs with real wages and real raises, or are these minimum-wage jobs with no wage reviews so corporations can continue to hoard cash and generate record corporate profits and bigger dividends to the shareholders?

How many times do we have to shout out “diversify Wichita’s economy”? I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall.

Are Gov. Sam Brownback’s handlers going to make sure that all of his future appearances are in a location where he can sneak out the back door?

Kansas didn’t collect the taxes it expected, the state’s credit rating dropped, the privatization of Medicaid has been rocky, and local governments’ ability to serve citizens has been curtailed by the state’s Big-Brother-knows-best attitude. A lack of rain is bad enough but a drought of common sense is even worse.

Maybe it’s good party politics to blame Democrats like President Obama for the present state government revenue mess. But Republicans were in charge of this fiscal fiasco, and their sniveling blame-shifting reeks of political cowardice.

I find it funny that many of our Kansas lawmakers tried to repeal the renewable portfolio standard, because wind turbines are pictured on our state’s personalized license plates.

If people are demanding the resignation of the head of the VA because he is ultimately responsible for people not receiving treatment and dying, why aren’t they demanding Obama resign for the same reasons because of Obamacare?

After seeing six years of Obama in action, I can now see why he never wanted to reveal his grades.

I’ve reached the inescapable conclusion that no one looks better with an extra 40 pounds on their body.

Way to go, El Dorado. The Blue Spruce Motel would have been a perfect homeless shelter, but your black-hearted commission, etc., would rather it be a vacant building for vermin and to become an eyesore.

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