Opinion Line (May 12)

05/12/2014 12:00 AM

05/12/2014 5:47 AM

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Vladimir Putin must be a Republican. He thinks things are true just because he says them.

Gov. Sam Brownback is right – it’s an election year so the smear stories are coming out. The GOP is so desperate that it has dragged out good old Monica Lewinsky to remind us of what we put behind us 15 years ago.

Anyone who wants a better job or a higher wage should be begging for capitalism, not condemning it.

Right-wing Republican extremists better be careful or they’re going to be “left” at the voting booths.

Has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stumbled into senility on the way to dementia, or is he just evil?

President Obama was only instrumental in saving the world from a financial collapse, saving two of the major players in the auto industry, and implementing a long-needed national health care system. Just think of what he could have accomplished with a little cooperation from the Republicans.

Change is no substitute for progress, but it can serve as a useful distraction from a management team’s lack of progress.

The policy of giving government employees a bonus is beyond belief. What for? Showing up, doing their assigned tasks efficiently and on time? I always thought the benefit for this was keeping your job.

Not only should Oklahoma be held responsible for the botched execution of Clayton Lockett, it should be held responsible for avoiding public review of the execution. What right did officials have to pull the curtains to cover up the extent of their failure?

After reading about the low reading and math scores of our high school seniors, I would think this would strengthen the call for more charter schools.

Leonard Pitts’ racist rants, disguised as political commentary, reflect the current liberal fascist dream to curtail not only freedom of speech but also freedom of thought. As such, they more properly belong in Louis Farrakhan’s newsletters than on the editorial pages of supposedly legitimate newspapers.

According to Pitts, all of us white folk are born with a birth defect – we’re all either overt or closet racists.

This do-as-you’re-told mentality is a real drag. People need the freedom and tools to create.

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