Opinion Line Extra (May 8)

05/08/2014 12:00 AM

05/07/2014 5:32 PM

We like say that Democrats want people to stay dependent on food stamps, so why are Republicans the ones who blocked the minimum-wage increase?

Any supporters of the socialistic dictator Obama should consider themselves the frog in the boiling pot – not realizing their peril until it’s too late.

The White House is lying, as four patriots’ mothers are crying.

My wife and I went to a doctor to have yearly physicals. Preventive procedures were performed. We were in and out with no problems. We had not been to a doctor for years because of no insurance. Everything was covered. Thanks, Affordable Care Act.

The hypocrisy meter is off the scale when it comes to what the Clippers owner said. I would wager every black comedian insults white people at some point in his act. I sure hope his comments don’t bring a negative image to a sport dominated by womanizing, tattooed freaks.

I’m OK with saying racist speech is out of bounds, as long as we’re able to distinguish between actual racism and idiots constantly yelling “racism!”

Illegals are not immigrants. They are criminals.

Despite numerous rate increases, electrical power in Wichita has become as reliable as it is in any Third World country on the planet.

People just assume wind is the only renewable energy in Kansas. We have the sun, you know.

Congratulations, Gov. Sam Brownback – you and your right-wing ideologues have lowered our state’s debt rating, lowered our state’s revenue, and lowered the number of people living in homes in Wichita.

Brownback is heartless when it comes to the poor and needy, a brainless failure at leading our state to prosperity, and too cowardly to stand up to the rich and powerful on behalf of Kansans. Sadly, there seems to be no wizard who can rescue Kansas from him.

I have it set up so that I don’t have to write a check for my water bill; it is automatically deducted from my bank account. Why can’t the county do the same thing with my property tax? I would like to be sure it gets paid even if I’m ill or out of town.

We start our day with juice every morning. It’s like drinking a glass of sunshine. We get many nutrients from foods we would never eat in the whole, although we do eat fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. We can’t imagine starting our day without juice.

I was glad to read that someone else thinks restaurants are too cold. I have walked out of many before ordering. Once I even wrapped up in a blanket. Add more air conditioning to your kitchens, but warm up your seating areas.

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