Opinion Line Extra (May 7)

05/07/2014 12:00 AM

05/06/2014 5:28 PM

Democrats are like a little child who’s caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar who looks you right in the eye and says he isn’t taking cookies. They honestly think we’re all stupid. Problem is, as far as people who vote Democrat, they’re largely right.

My biggest hope for the next elections is that rather than vote the same old party line their parents and grandparents followed, with questionable results, people will vote this time for candidates who will assume responsibility rather than assign blame.

Normally calling a state backwards simply means being behind the times. In Sam Brownback’s Kansas, backwards is both what we are and the direction we’re headed.

I think it is safe to say the Stevens won’t be going to Topeka much anymore. That attempt at a property-tax exemption for health clubs was a farce that shouldn’t have gotten as far as it did. Nice try, though.

Marine reservist goes into Mexico by mistake and goes to prison because he has guns in his trunk. Mexicans come into U.S. illegally, commit felonies, and are out walking the streets. Then they protest against us as unfair and violating their rights. Where are our rights in our own country?

How right was I 20 years ago when I predicted the USA had a poor future to look forward to after President Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement?

Of course Obama and the Democrats don’t want a select committee to investigate the happenings in Benghazi. They know there is a cover-up going on and they have a lot to hide. Otherwise, they’d welcome the committee to investigate to prove there was no wrongdoing.

Here we go again on Benghazi. Whatever the administration did or didn’t do pales in comparison with the untruths that the Bush administration told to get us into Iraq. That was, they had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaida, which they didn’t. And it cost us 4,500 dead.

The CEO of Target understands that major mistakes and problems are ultimately the responsibility of the top person in the organization. Too bad Obama and the Democrats in Congress are incapable of understanding that concept.

I say no more rate increases for Westar Energy until it vastly improves power system reliability. And no rate increase to improve reliability either. Developing countries have fewer power outages than Westar has.

I’ve lived here more than 30 years and my electric bill has gone up every year, even though mine is set up on level pay. This year so far it has been raised twice. Is that still Kathleen Sebelius’ fault?

Have you noticed all the the old phonies advertising reverse mortgages? Just another way to steal homes from senile old people.

Here’s something most people misunderstand: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. That is Sept. 16.

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