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05/07/2014 12:00 AM

05/06/2014 5:27 PM

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I am a big believer in cause and effect. I hope some of those folks who lost power the other day, when it was 102 degrees, were the ones who voted for Westar Energy’s recent rate hikes.

Westar keeps asking and getting rate increases, and when we get our first hot day what do we get for these increases? Outages.

I’m waiting for comments suggesting the recent record-setting heat was a direct result of the actions of Gov. Sam Brownback and conservative lawmakers. That would make as much sense as some other opinions I’ve read here.

If you were playing Sim City and your town’s bond rating fell, you’d change strategies. In real life, we’ll just let ALEC, AFP and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce continue to run the show.

Whose taxes did Brownback cut? It wasn’t mine. I am paying more than ever, both state taxes and property taxes.

Enough planning meetings for Wichita. We’ve declared our priorities so many times: clean water, repaired streets and bridges, and adequate police and fire protection.

I think the Kochs should stop their philanthropy in Wichita, because so many people here don’t appreciate their generosity.

The Koch brothers, in an effort to stop being mentioned by the Democrats and the White House, should change their names to the Benghazi brothers.

The problem with the Obama administration can be summed up in two words: obstructive Republicans.

The Democrats’ idea of job creation is to simply hire more people for local, state and federal government.

Boeing is moving engineering jobs from Washington state to the South to reduce wages from about $125,000 to $89,000. Stories about such moves should include CEO and other top management salaries. If salaries must be cut, start at the top, where most of the true waste is.

I’m 65 and have used quality vitamins, chiropractic adjustment and herbal remedies to great advantage for 40 years. My blood work is perfect, and I have no chronic medical issues requiring expensive high-risk pharmaceuticals. My family history is rampant with heart disease and diabetes. So who’s really getting soaked?

So sad to see you go, Yen Ching. No one makes moo shu pork like you do.

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