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May 6, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (May 6)

Jay Carney reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

Jay Carney reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

Instead of encouraging competitiveness in U.S. businesses, our presidential leader is causing us to give it away.

To the person who said, “As far as I know, the Kochs are doing nothing illegal. Why can’t you just leave them alone and do something productive with your time?”: How’s buying the Legislature and destroying representative democracy for you? “Leave them alone”? Poor babies, the Koch boys.

I want true freedom.

If you call me a “homey” because I am white, that makes you a racist.

White athletes should register as minorities and lobby for affirmative action.

Cliven Bundy wasn’t talking race. He was saying to look at how the federal government threw the slaves off the plantations, with no way to look out for themselves. They couldn’t read or write. I wonder how many died from starvation or neglect. Government looks after itself first.

“Sign health care compact” by Shonda Werry, executive director of Competitive Governance Action in Houston, told Gov. Sam Brownback to sign the health care compact bill (April 18 Opinion). A few days later, he did sign it. Is her organization one of his out-of-state advisers? I hope not.

It’s clear that the governor and the Legislature do not wish to be under the influence or control of federal regulations and laws, so I won’t be surprised when they secede the state from the Union.

I used to think Democrats were lacking in any intelligence, but I’ve recently come to the realization that they are at least smart enough to find someone capable of translating their whine into printing for the Opinion Line.

One down, one to go, Oklahoma-style. Charles Warner is next to go after Clayton Lockett’s perfect execution in McAlester, Okla. Warner’s crime? Raping and murdering an 11-month-old baby girl in 1997. Try to tell me I am wrong with that thinking.

If my drug company supplied the drugs to carry out the execution of one man who shot a woman and then buried her alive and one who raped and murdered an 11-month-old girl, I would insist that it tell everyone where the lethal dosage came from, not hide it.

The reason Oklahoma’s governor and penal system officials can sleep nights is because even though their lethal injection technique is certainly cruel, they have now proved it is not unusual. It would be ironic if violating an individual’s constitutional rights were punishable by death. Ignorance is bliss; Oklahoma is bliss.

I always thought that all of the TV ads for lawyers were the worst ads on television. But then I saw the ad for a dental clinic where some old man is taking out his false teeth after taking a bite of an apple. How disgusting.

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