Opinion Line (May 4)

05/04/2014 12:00 AM

05/04/2014 6:24 AM

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I am opposed to the death penalty for many reasons. But with all the hoopla over botched executions, why not just use a guillotine? Messy, but swift and sure. The original purpose of its design was humane death.

Quit calling the execution in Oklahoma “botched.” That is a rather benign description of a horror show/science experiment. Gov. Mary Fallin defied the Oklahoma Supreme Court and rushed ahead to execute a man with “secret” chemicals for her own political reasons. She should answer for that.

So city of Wichita leaders want to develop a plan to bring jobs to Wichita. Don’t they read the newspaper? Gov. Sam Brownback already tried that. It didn’t work.

Wow – $90 million in additional sales taxes to waste on certain-to-fail big-business bribes? This is ludicrous. Incentives just end up lining CEOs’ pockets. Businesses should stand on their own, the same as every individual citizen.

The only thing that would get me to vote for a sales-tax increase would be having a long-term viable source for inexpensive water and infrastructure repairs. Please fund your quality-of-life projects with money from the people who want them.

Missouri is known as the “Show-Me State.” Since Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature can only follow Texas or the edicts of out-of-state special-interest groups, Kansas should be known as the “I’ll-Follow-You State.” If the lemming were native to Kansas, it could be the state animal.

Brownback and company eviscerate state income-tax revenues and blame the drop on Obama? That is a delusional reality spin worthy of entry into the Orwellian Newspeak Hall of Fame.

Now Obama is even being blamed for the shortfall in Kansas tax collections. What a Laffer.

Although I don’t agree with many of Brownback’s policies and don’t plan on voting for him, I sure do like that rather large state tax refund.

China is soon to be the world’s No. 1 economy. Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s efforts, incompetence and ignorance are coming to fruition.

I am weary of this administration’s excuses for why it hasn’t revived the economy. After five years, it is apparent that Obama and his advisers don’t know what to do. First-quarter 2014 GDP growth was pitiful.

Any Democrat who blames anyone but the White House for the Benghazi tragedy will not get my vote.

I hope that the Benghazi scandal ruins Hillary Clinton’s run for president. How careless and thoughtless of her to ask “what difference ... does it make?” Ask the families that lost their loved ones what difference it made.

Young people are not learning character, mainly because parents don’t know how to teach it. Focus on teaching your children responsibility, perseverance, diligence, honesty, attentiveness, etc. Stop giving your children so much technology and focus on building relationships.

Who says Wichita drivers don’t use turn signals? I followed one last week for two miles who had his left signal blinking. He finally turned right.

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