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May 5, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (May 5)

Is “lethal injection gone wrong” or “botched execution” any worse than being tortured, shot and buried while still alive?

Is “lethal injection gone wrong” or “botched execution” any worse than being tortured, shot and buried while still alive?

Our present administration will do anything to get votes from the low-information voter – those who think stuff from the government will make their life and their country better.

Who do the Republicans who voted against raising the minimum wage think they’re fooling? They simply want those without to remain exactly that – without. GOP could stand for “greedy, opportunistic plutocrats.”

If we re-elect Gov. Sam Brownback, with his voodoo economics and his ideas that are based in the 1800s, he is going to take us all into the ground.

I intend to vote with my feet and leave Kansas rather than stay here and risk my retirement security. I depend on Medicare A, B and D, which have served me well. I do not trust anyone currently in Topeka.

No one disputes that Kansas elections are well-run and secure. We dispute their fairness. Too many people are shut out because they don’t have the means or documentation to get that photo ID that Kris Kobach requires before they can exercise their constitutional right to vote.

You don’t understand. Very few progressive policies and programs actually work. The solution is always to throw more money at the problem, but the theories are flawed to begin with.

Don’t be jealous that there’s a BET channel but not a White Entertainment Channel (WET). There is one. It’s called Fox News.

When I went to school and I did not do my homework, the teacher called my dad and he did some work on me. The teacher did not have to do something stupid. The teacher had a big smile when I turned in my homework.

The arts are the only thing that will keep us alive.

Are you paying attention to what is happening to the owner of a sports team? It brings us another step closer to living in Nazi Germany or a communist country.

I think the NBA and the Clippers situation boils down to a Sterling Silver case.

Why does the phrase “you get what you pay for” apply to CEOs and ballplayers but not to schoolteachers and police officers?

On TV news they often refer to a police officer as a cop. When I was growing up, I always call them police officers, with respect.

I celebrated Earth Day by chopping down lots of nuisance trees in my yard.

Down with political correctness.

Thank you to the person who returned pearls left in jewelry bags bought at a garage sale. Wichita people are the best.

We saw the Tulsa Drillers play the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (and future Royals) in Tulsa. I still think we missed the boat by letting the Wranglers leave Wichita.

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