Opinion Line (May 5)

05/05/2014 12:00 AM

05/05/2014 5:39 AM

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Chicago has banned plastic grocery bags. Wichita, I hope you are next.

All I hear from Democrats is that if the Republicans would just jump on board with the Democrats our economy would be so much better. If the Republicans are that important, just let them have control.

Due to President Obama’s policies, electric rates and gas prices will soar while increasing regulations drive other prices higher. All while he is out of office making millions giving speeches about how he saved our country. The audacity will be on steroids.

When I think of Obama, I think of the three I’s: impeach, indict, imprison. Hey, a patriotic, freedom-loving American can dream, can’t he?

Where is John Dean when you really need him?

Leave it to Kansans to defend Donald Sterling in the Opinion Line.

Contrary to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s latest assertions (May 2 Opinion), I spent an hour in line waiting to vote in the last election as a result of his voter-slowdown, voter-rejection programs. Please save the Opinion page for more worthwhile, truthful commentary.

Do you suppose there is a connection between Kansas tax revenue in April being off 45 percent from a year ago and Kansas ranking 45th among states in new business development? Do you suppose there is a reason the Legislature doesn’t want online viewing of its hearings?

One way to lower taxes on Kansas businesses is to kill the state’s economy. Gov. Sam Brownback seems to be particularly adept at this. Got no business, make no profit, pay no taxes. Brilliant.

It is beyond the pale to blame Obama for the decrease in Kansas tax revenues. What a load of “expletive deleted.” Our esteemed governor and legislators set the tax policies that got us to where we are today – on the fast track to being broke.

Getting your news, science information and political opinions from the entertainment industry is like going to McDonald’s for a home-cooked meal.

A huge “thank you” to the couple that gave a hand up to this klutzy senior after I took a face plant on my driveway. I didn’t get your names but will remember your kindness always.

People think better when it’s quiet.

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