Opinion Line (May 3)

05/03/2014 12:00 AM

05/02/2014 6:09 PM

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Who killed May Day? It used to be a day of celebration when I was young. Then again, dinosaurs still roamed the Earth as well.

I just returned from traveling through New Mexico. I was very impressed with the overpass bridges, which are nicely decorated with Southwest colors and Indian symbols. Wichita overpass bridges are drab concrete gray. How depressing.

Texting while driving? How stupid. You people just kill me.

We have too many Kansans depending on government. Before you make up your mind up on Cliven Bundy or anything else, please do your research.

Madonna said the N-word with barely a sound from anyone. Where was her public hanging?

Name one country on the face of the Earth that has eliminated all bigotry toward minorities. There isn’t one and probably never will be, but the U.S. has greatly reduced bigotry since the segregation era.

I’m so glad Rep. Mike Pompeo has realized that the federal government is the answer to growers’ issues with genetically modified foods. Why should the states have the right to make their own regulations regarding food policy, guns, voting or anything else? No, the answer is centralized, nationwide regulation.

I wish President Obama would quit chumming with his rich oil buddies so we could get gas down to $1.87 a gallon, where it was the day he took over. Tell Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and stop catering to the left. We are tired of it.

Gov. Sam Brownback and his yes-men had their excuse ready for the huge revenue drop caused by his huge tax cut for wealthy Kansans: It’s Obama’s fault. Of course it is. And so are the drought and all the spring tornadoes and every other disaster.

So now that Brownback’s voodoo-economic tax-cut experiment has the Kansas budget in the toilet, he has the nerve to blame Obama? If that’s the thinking, why didn’t he give Obama credit when he said things were getting better for Kansas just a few months ago?

Was that Mother Nature moving the air this week, or just the wind created by the Democrat and teachers union divisions of the Kansas Whiners Association?

If you hate guns and think the “no-guns” signs by the front door make you safe, you are way more naive than you know.

Who made the decision to make carrots as hard as a rock?

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