Opinion Line Extra (May 2)

05/02/2014 12:00 AM

05/01/2014 5:38 PM

Vladimir Putin and the Russians play chess and Obama and the United States play checkers. One morning you will wake up, find we are at war with Russia and say, “Why didn’t I hear about this on the controlled news networks?”

President Obama and his cabal of propagandists will say anything, no matter how blatantly wrong, as long as the statement supports his political position and goals. Where is Davis Merritt or his sidekick in clownish opinion, Ed Flentje, when we need to have explained when lying is truth?

Obama should recognize that 66 percent of Americans believe this country is on the wrong track and 53 percent of registered voters want a Republican-controlled Congress to be a check on him. His approval rating has dropped to an all-time low at 41 percent. Is he a man losing his grip?

Regarding “Sterling, Bundy show that racism is still alive” (May 1 Opinion): What would you expect, with President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and most Democratic congressmen constantly making racist remarks and not being held accountable? These people stir the racism pot on purpose to divide America.

Should I pull the race card on BET (Black Entertainment Television)? You can sure bet Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Obama sympathizers would be calling foul if someone started the WET (White Entertainment Television) channel. This stuff has gotten ridiculous.

If you are a registered Republican and you believe the lies Gov. Sam Brownback and his Republican legislators are telling to explain the revenue drop, I suggest you refrain from voting and enroll in a remedial math class at the community college. Today it’s called freedom of speech; tomorrow it will be called perjury.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they made sure justice and education were in accordance with their religious beliefs. Hey, Kansans, does that sound familiar?

Will those of you threatening to leave the state for one reason or another please do so as soon as possible?

I don’t think anyone really wants to leave Wichita. They just want Wichita to quit hampering their success.

I would have more respect for Americans for Prosperity if, instead of airing silly commercials comparing wind and solar energy to Obamacare, they’d just tell the truth and say, “Our backers make money from fossil fuels. They don’t make money from wind and solar so we’re against those.”

If having ID to vote causes such a hardship on minorities and the poor, we should probably ban them from buying lottery tickets. If they were to win a large amount of money they would have to provide ID, and since it is such a hardship to do so we should just ban them from buying lottery tickets.

“Designate Old Town an entertainment district?” What? It’s not an entertainment district now? When did they change that?

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