Opinion Line (May 2)

05/02/2014 12:00 AM

05/01/2014 5:38 PM

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It is pretty bad when the commissioner of the NBA is more decisive than the president of the United States.

Man, this great country is a mess.

Anybody want to guess what the judicial and educational institutions will look like in Kansas when Gov. Sam Brownback and the radically religious Legislature finish their war on them?

I sent an e-mail to Brownback telling him to keep his cotton-pickin’ hands off my Medicare. The reply hinted that Obamacare is a disaster and the state can administer Medicare and Medicaid much better than those sinister feds. What time does the next stage leave Dodge?

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security were forced on Americans by, you guessed it, well-meaning liberals, and now they account for 50 percent of the federal budget. None is part of the government’s mandate. Abolish them all.

I don’t think one scientist has ever proclaimed that humans evolved from monkeys/apes. What they do proclaim is that we came from a common ancestor; humans went in one direction and monkeys/apes went in another. And all species evolve, just very slowly in most circumstances.

Evolution does not mean humans evolved from apes. Evolution means that humans and apes shared a common ancestor 5 million to 8 million years ago. Sometime after that, the species split into two separate lineages. It is amazing that people still do not understand this.

In Oklahoma they use drugs to put someone to death. They had problems with it Tuesday. What they need to do is what they have done in the past. That is to hang ’em.

Don’t feel pity for Clayton D. Lockett. His crime outweighs pity. He was convicted of shooting a 19-year-old and burying her alive in 1999. Where’s the mercy for her? What he got was justice.

It’s OK for your children to drink alcohol, which kills 2.5 million people every year worldwide. But at least they aren’t smoking that terrible marijuana, which has never directly killed anybody. Great parenting skills, America.

Less than two weeks after Easter, The Eagle publishes a recipe for fried rabbit (April 30 WichiTalk).

Regarding a person ripping a clock out of a wall at an estate sale: Anyone who would steal a clock has way too much time on their hands.

I’d rather step in what your dog leaves lying around than the chewing gum I usually find. The dog doesn’t know any better. You should.

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